Positive news for hospitality in the UK

Hotel Room Door and key opening to hotel room with bed and travel bag

Following some positive results for the Bank Holiday weekend, we are hopeful that UK hospitality is heading in the right direction. According to Barclays Hospitality and Leisure Report (May 2021), one-fifth (19%) of consumers say they will splash out on a UK vacation this year regardless of the cost. This, combined with just over 40% of the UK population fully vaccinated, we are hopeful for more positive H2 results. The “Staycation” trend appears to be growing and the hospitality industry has an opportunity to focus on a UK audience instead of international tourism.

Some more good news came this week as UK Hospitality CEO, Kate Nicholls, announced a partnership with the DWP (Department of Working Pensions) to promote jobs in hospitality. Kate said, “We’re delighted to be working with the Government to restore confidence in a sector which is a stable employer for millions of skilled and unskilled workers across a wide range of diverse roles, and which can play a constructive role in tackling unemployment.”

We have also seen many new build projects are now back on track and some projects are being pushed forward at a record pace. With all restrictions expected to be lifted on the 21st June, we believe the confidence in the hospitality industry is bouncing back.

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