Marine Refurbishments – 5 things to consider before purchasing marine contract furniture

Luxury Yacht on water at night

Like hotels and heavy footfall public areas, the marine industry caters to many thousands of clients every year, and requires heavy duty, quality contract furniture that withstands the test of time.

Unlike other industries, boats and ships are regularly in motion and are at the mercy of Mother Earth’s elements, therefore stability is key, so here is a list of a few things to consider when specifying contract furniture for a ship:

  • Most importantly, always purchase any soft seating from a registered contract furniture supplier. They will ensure that the seating you acquire meets the relevant legal and fire regulations required for the marine industry.
  • IMO marine standard FR fabric is a must. Where possible use contract fabric suppliers that ensure this certification and consider specifying fabric or a faux leather that already adheres to this requirement as it will help with lead-times.
  • Fixed floor metal pedestal table bases are available where needed to ensure extra stability, especially in a dining or bar area. These can come in coffee, lounge, dining and poseur height, catering to most needs. We highly recommend laminate tops for busy areas as they are robust, hardwearing, and easy to clean and have a fantastic selection of finishes.
  • Use outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements, especially salt water and also have enough weight not to easily be blown over. Consider an outdoor powder coated finish on any metal pedestal table bases or legs, as this will give extra protection and an injection of colour.  Iroko wood and other natural materials are made solely for outdoor use and are also a viable option.
  • Floor fixed swivel-based barstools are a good option and offer extra stability, they can come in many metal finishes such as chrome or brass effect.

If you are looking to enquire about contract furniture for a marine project, please reach out to our team on 01264 850 985 or [email protected]