At Bourne Furniture we have been monitoring the progress of Brexit and what the possible impact could be on our operations.

With the dithering by Parliament on the decision to accept or reject the deal that is on the table there is still a possibility of a “No Deal” exit, and if a deal is accepted we cannot be sure at his stage of its impact on us.

If there is a “No Deal” scenario then it is likely that small tariffs will be imposed on goods coming into this country. We will not pass these onto our customers on orders already in process – where we have outstanding quotes than we will discuss with our clients the steps to be taken.

We have arrangements in place to ensure that the collection of these tariffs will not delay goods at the border should this occur – however, we feel that there may be some delay in the early days as the level of checking of lorries settles down. Where this may cause problems we will discuss directly with our clients.

We do not expect this delay to be more than 2 weeks – and are of a mind that any delay at the port would be a major problem for the economy and is therefore unlikely, but we are sure that we have made sufficient allowance for it

It is the opinion of Bourne Furniture that even a “No Deal” Brexit will not have a significant effect on the delivery of furniture from the continent, but we are monitoring it and also our sending of fabrics to the continent.

So to summarise, it is “Business as usual”